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The world’s most comprehensive content to power

The Autoantibody and Antibody Seromics Revolution

With over 21,000 full-length, correctly-folded 3D human proteins, the HuProt™ microarray is the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of thoroughly validated proteins.

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HuProt™ Proteome Microarray contains

21,000+ Full-length, Correctly-folded 3D Proteins

HuProt is quality confirmed with anti-GST QA/QC. Successful folding has been demonstrated by kinase autophosphorylation assay.

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VirScan® - Viral PhIP-Seq Antibody Profiling Services

Most Vertebrate Viral Proteomes in a Single Assay

Most vertebrate viral proteomes epitope-level autoantibody profiling service via T7 phage display and immunoprecipitation sequencing (PhIP-Seq).


The World's Most Comprehensive Portfolio and Content for Autoantibody Detection

Transformational products and services for proteome-wide autoantibody profiling, biomarker discovery, cross-reactivity screening, and other whole-proteome target identification and interaction assays

We Offer the Most Powerful Antigen Libraries

21,000+ Full-length Proteins

Correctly-folded, GST-purified recombinant proteins and isoform variants

Cell Membrane-embedded

Purified virion display correctly-folded membrane-embedded GPCRs

Most Vertebrate Viral Proteomes

Detects antibodies against 68,000+ vertebrate viral protein sequences

All Human Proteome

Detects antibodies against 48,921 unique human proteins and protein isoforms

MouseScan IconMORE INFO
All Murine Proteome

Detects antibodies against 50,135 unique murine proteins and protein isoforms

CDI Labs CanadaCanada FlagVirScan, HuScan and MouseScan are provided exclusively by CDI Labs Canada.

CDI Labs Autoantibody Seromics

The serome is the total secreted antibody repertoire of a single individual; each serome is unique and created by a person's lifetime of adaptive immune experiences. The goal of the emerging scientific field of 'autoantibody seromics' is to understand the largest impacts of the serome on human health, disease, and clinical outcomes.


A causal link between autoantibodies and neurological symptoms in long COVID


Keyla Santos Guedes de Sa, Julio Silva, Rafael Bavarri-Olmos, Ran Brinda, Robert Alec Rath Constable, Patricia A. Colom Diaz, Donq-il Kwon, Gisele Rodriques, Li Wenxue, Christopher Baker, Bornali Bhattachariee, Jamie Wood, Laura Tabacof, Yanshena Liu, David Putrino, Tamas L. Horvath, Akiko Iwasaki


Acute SARS-CoV-2 infection triggers the generation of diverse and functional autoantibodies (AABs), even after mild cases. Persistently elevated autoantibodies have been found in some individuals with long COVID (LC). Using a >21,000 human protein array, we identified diverse AAB targets in LC patients that correlated with their symptoms. Elevated AABs to proteins in the nervous system were found in LC patients with neurocognitive and neurological symptoms. Purified Immunoglobulin G(IgG) samples from these individuals reacted with human pons tissue and were cross-reactive with mouse sciatic nerves, spinal cord, and meninges. Antibody reactivity to sciatic nerves and meninges correlated with patient-reported headache and disorientation. Passive transfer of IgG from patients to mice led to increased sensitivity and pain, mirroring patient-reported symptoms. Similarly, mice injected with IgG showed loss of balance and coordination, reflecting donor-reported dizziness. Our findings suggest that targeting AABs could benefit some LC patients.

More Content and Better Data

We start with sequence-confirmed plasmids, then individually express and GST-purify proteins from S. cerevisiae. Piezolelectric printing is used to spot these in duplicate alongside controls. Quality is confirmed with anti-GST QA/QC. Successful folding demonstrated by kinase autophosphorylation assay.


220+peer-reviewed publications

With over 220 publications (and growing), our antibody seromics solutions and HuProt array continue to play a key role in life sciences by contributing to critical studies that help accelerate research, advance discoveries, and translate discoveries to novel products that improve human health.


190+customer base

Our customer base continues to expand throughout North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, and is a testament to the quality and consistency of our products and services.


Boeke, Zhu & Blackshawat Johns Hopkins University

Funded by NIH Common Fund Support for the Development of Protein Capture Reagents and Technologies, the HuProt Protein Microarray was created by CDI Labs co-founders Jef Boeke, Heng Zhu, Dan Eichinger, and Seth Blackshaw, faculty members at the High Throughput Biology (HIT) Center at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Data and technology validated by scientists

"We elected to use the HuProt Microarray because it is an extensive platform that contains over 21,000 unique, individually purified full-length human proteins and protein isoforms in duplicate, covering more than 81% of the proteome."

OncologistSchool of Medicine Research (as mentioned in "Baseline Serum Autoantibody Signatures Predict Recurrence and Toxicity in Melanoma Patients Receiving Adjuvant Immune Checkpoint Blockade" - AACR Clinical Caner Research - September 2022)

Data and technology validated by scientists

"This (VirScan) assay, which uses phage display immunoprecipitation and sequencing, is a sensitive and focused high-comprehensive approach that enables thorough serological profiling of antiviral antibodies in humans and, consequently, the identification of viral exposure throughout the human virome."

Faculty of MedicineResearch Institution (as mentioned in "Human virome profiling identified CMV as the major viral driver of a high accumulation of senescent CD8+ T cells in patients with advanced NSCLC" - Science Advances - November 2023)

Data and technology validated by scientists

"By using (HuProt) protein arrays, we were able to evaluate a broader range of antigens compared to previous investigations."

Senior ScientistBiotech Research (poster presentation at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 2023)

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