Meet CDI Labs

Learn about our remarkable team and see why CDI Labs is an exceptional environment where employees thrive and flourish.

Meet the People at CDI Labs

We are incredibly fortunate to boast a team of brilliant and dedicated individuals whose contributions truly make our company an exceptional workplace. Through our "Meet CDI Labs" series, you'll have the opportunity to personally connect with some of these remarkable individuals, gaining deeper insights into our collective identity and ethos.

Lillyann Asencio

Lead R&D Scientist

CDI Labs - Mayagüez

Shaohui Hu

Director of Proteomic Sciences

CDI Labs - Baltimore

Shuang Liu

Proteomics Scientist

CDI Labs - Baltimore

Pedro Ramos

Lead Proteome Scientist

CDI Labs - Mayagüez

Leonardo Ramos

Quality Assurance Lead

CDI Labs - Mayagüez